Hi, We visited your restaurant twice last week during our stay in San Jose del Cabo and we truly enjoyed it. Nice friendly staff as well. See you next time.
Hello, we have heard many great things about your restaurant and would like to have our own experience. We will be in town June 3-8. It is just my wife and I. When is a good time for us to come and enjoy your restaurant?
Thank You!
Thank you Drew and staff for a wonderful experience dining at your restaurant. The food was tantalizing to say the least and the staff very attentive! We wish you the best of luck at your new location and hope to see you in Sequim before the end of the year.
Looking Forward to Meeting You
We are vacationing in Cabo from July 7th-14th. You're dad says we definitely need to come meet you. We live in Sequim and I am his personal banker. He said to tell you I'm his personal banker and you would treat us right! We really like your dad! What night would be best to dine in your restaurant?
A Truly Wonderful Dining Experience!
Deckman’s has become on of our favorite vacation dining spots. The owner Chef Drew is a welcoming host. The wait staff is unsurpassed. The casual, charming atmosphere with palapa roof has a true beach feel. The best part of the whole experience is the food! Prepared by the owner, the quality and presentation of the menu items are a treat for the palate and the eye. If you are planning a special occasion or just enjoy truly fine dining, give Deckman’s a try.
Drew, can not Thank you enough for making my 63rd Birthday Feb 12 a special evening at your rest. Terri and I are so overwhelmed when we are so fortunate to enjoy the food service and new friends
When in town we go to Deckman's San Jose
My husband only get to escape the Michigan cold weather a few times each year and come to Cabo. And when we do we make a point of enjoying a wonderful meal at Deckman's San Jose with their attentive service and superb dishes. It's definitely one of the best places to eat in the baja and we always recommend it to everyone we meet.
Looking Forward to dining with you
We will be in Cabos in the beginning of February and look forward to eating with you at your restaurant! Your menu is enticing and I hope you will still have some room for us with all of the good commentary you are experiencing. Hasta Luego. Phyllis
Simply Amazing
My family and I had dinner at Deckman's on November 13, 2011. It was simply amazing! I especially appreciate their sustainable approach and commitment to serving foods that are harvested locally and regionally. Chef Drew Deckman and staff made us feel like family, the amazing food and charming atmosphere put an exclamation point on our vacation. Deckman's is definitely an experience no one should miss!
Mi lugar favorito en Cabo
Hola. Estoy planeando mi viaje a cabo para sept. 11 y con tristeza veo estaran cerrados hasta el 15 de sept. Ya sera para la proxima. ya me hacia comiendo mi garra de leon y mi pulpo! Saludos!!!!
With Gratitude~
I had an exquisite experience visiting Deckman's for four of my six nights of vacation. I enjoyed the inspiring ambiance, the welcoming crew, and the beautifully presented dishes. Most of all I appreciated eating real food prepared with great expertise. I was thrilled to find that my special dietary needs were accommodated to beyond my expectations. I felt truly nourished. This is a special place that I recommend everyone try. Cheers!
Chef Drew Deckman
Chef Drew Deckman is master craftsman. There are few places in all of Mexico and the only place in Cabo where you can experience local and regional ingredients used in a Menu with such precise delivery. Deckman's is unique in it's kind serving clean and delicious flavors, a must when visiting Cabo. ADL
The best place to have a great dinner
Deckman´s, is the best place where you can have dinner in san jose del cabo, with a great live music show and the best food in town, i spent an amazing night!




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zip Code 23400 San José del Cabo,
Baja California Sur, México
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